Sunday, October 21, 2012


While my siblings were here we took the opportunity to visit Heidelberg. It's a bit more than an hour drive from our house but we decided to try taking the local train for the whole German experience.  We had a great day exploring what we could of the beautiful village on the river and the historic castle.  There was more to see in Heidelberg and of the university there but we tried our best to smash it all in on our self guided walking tour :)
Sleepy on morning ride there.  I'll take any rest I can get when help is around with the girls!
Handsome husband.
Cuties, as always.
Nathan and Kim are very creative and tallented with their camera, I stole this shot of a lonesome street from them.
A view of the beautiful castel from down in one of the village squares.
We actually got a good shot of us!
So thankful for my siblings and that they took the time to visit us here!  I loved everyday with you guys (and Nathan too)!  
Kim & Nathan keeping us young with a jumping picture on the bridge over the Rhein River.  We had to try one for ourselves...
And Norah too!
Norah, Kim, David, Kelly, Aaron, Evelyn & Nathan
And, the girls did great for a long day out!  Even when it rained on us for a bit.

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Lauren Jamison said...

Just found your blog. I am a fellow JAG wife and I love anytime I can find someone else experiencing the things we are. We are in our first assignment and stationed in South Dakota. So now I'm living through your awesome Germany posts :)

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