Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movie Time.

Last night I went to a movie with my friend! We had both previously read the book from which the movie was written. We saw the touching story on screen of The Kite Runner. The book was very good and I thought the movie did a wonderful job of depicting exactly what the author had explained in the book. If you are up for a touching read or flick, I suggest The Kite Runner. Click on the movie title to see the trailer.

Anybody else see any good flicks lately? I am up for suggestions!


Allison said...

Hey Kel-Bell! You should TOOOOOTALLY check out Juno if you haven't yet. It is funny and endearing and pretty inspiring. I loved it and maybe even cried a little at the end. But don't tell anyone that. :)

I hope you and David are staying close despite the distance. Be strong!

Kristina said...

Hi Kelly, I have enjoyed looking at your blog (and finally happened across this post about the Kite Runner). I actually have been interested in reading the book, and likely will at some point. After that I may even consider watching the movie... I enjoy your blog and will pray for you and Nate as it seems you are in the middle of some difficult circumstances. Thanks for your own comments on my blog (Day to Day). Keep in touch :)


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