Sunday, January 27, 2008

1st Lieutenant Blomgren

David continues to do wonderfully at training! He is constantly busy from 0400 (4am) through around 2300 (11pm) each night. He fills his hours with marching, sitting up straight but not leaning against the back of his chair, saying "Sir, yes, sir", sitting in on lectures on how the Air Force operates, drinking lots of water (I think it's at least 3 glasses at each meal plus drinking from the canteen he has to carry around), studying for his second exam (he got 100% on the first one), and of course running obstacle courses! This 1st Lieutenant sure is hard at work training to be the best JAG you'll know!

He has received three packages of cookies three days in a row! All the other officers are realizing how loved he is and David's been able to spread the cookie love around! Thank you for sending him letters and packages, keep it up!!!

David might have internet access coming up in the next week so stay posted and keep him in your prayers!

1 comment:

Rambo said...

I bet he is so ripped now.


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