Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Savoring the Moments

This picture was taken a few minutes before my Love drove away on his journey to Alabama. He left Saturday, which just happened to also be my 25th birthday!

Somehow my mom captured the goodbye, I had no idea she was there!

After David left I was able to relax a bit with my book :-) Later in the afternoon my Mom and I met up with my aunt Connie and cousin Bekah! We had so much fun hanging out with them. First we went to a movie called Into the Wild which was really good. Then, we went to Granite City of course! After Granite City we headed to Connie's to have my mom make us some earrings since she's so tallented. Thanks Mom! Here is a picture of Bek, me and Con! I had fun and I just love my family!
I have been able to talk to David everyday since he's left which we were not expecting. He is doing well but already quite worn out. I will leave the real updates for him but, the first thing that happened when he entered a building on base was David getting yelled at! He didn't say, Sir yes Sir, instead he had just said Sir! It's hard to imagine someone else yelling at him, just kidding!
He's sent me two pictures through our phones and he definitely looks the part with his buzzed head and camo. He is such a handsome airmen. Yesterday was his first official day at training and he said they did the Crossing of the Blue Line, which you can check out on a video here. Keep David in your prayers as he is going to be worn out with a lot of things to learn in the next week especially.

If you would like to encourage him greatly I know he would love to get mail while he is gone the next three months. Please send him letters or packages to:

1st Lt./David Blomgren
COT Class 08-02
550 E. Maxwell Blvd. #9000
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-5000

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Stephen Becker said...

Oh, Blom, off on another crazy adventure.

Sorry I missed your birthday Kelly! I love ya!


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