Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Weekend Yet!

First of all... We've been seeing a lot of these fly over our neighborhood. Strange but pretty. What would they be looking at over here on the East side of town?! I did find out that an annual hot air balloon event is taking place on Labor Day weekend.

So, Friday we went camping! It was so much fun. We had a beautiful campsite with a creek right next to our tent and we could see no one else around! It was so much fun, we had great food and Wrigley had a blast and was totally in his element.

Here's Kel cookin' some yummy desert. Mmmmm :-)

David & Wrigs sitting by the fire enjoying the outdoorsOn our way home on Saturday there was a small town with a cool name, so we decided to stop. The town was about to have a parade so we stayed and enjoyed the show and candy.

Here's Darth Vadar & some other Star Wars guy.

One of our favorites was this guy on stilts with a teen tiny little dog!
Later in the day we went to the new Batman movie at the iMax theater near our house. It was really good. On Sunday we enjoyed church, meeting a few people at church (!!!!!) and REI. Great weekend and so much fun.


Julia Camille said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVED Dark Knight - I went and saw it at the imax as well! Heath Ledger was BRILLIANT!!!
And I love parades. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!

elliek said...

What a fun weekend! And you guys look really cool with those flashlight/headbands!

Emily said...

Isn't it SO good when a new place begins to feel more and more like home?! It sounds like you and David are settling into CO life well...

Stephen Becker said...

I love it!


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