Saturday, August 16, 2008

Special Visitors

This past week my mom and sister came to town!!! It was a fun and busy week. The weather was kind of gloomy all week, and both David and I were busy at work, but I think they had a good time inspire of the busyness. They went hiking at the Crags, quasi-camped, they went to Focus on the Family, the Olympic Training Center, the Garden of the Gods, visited the Air Force Academy, hiked the Incline, shopped, visited us at work, watched the Olympics and spent some quality time with us during the evenings. Here are some pictures from the week:
My mom and I on the Crags hike!
Quasi camping which means we cooked and hung out but didn't have to sleep in a tent!
Sister and me :-)
They are gone and we miss their company. One special thing about my sweet family is that they are good at loving me! They left about 15 cute little notes around the house for David and I telling how much they love and appreciate us. Thanks girls, we love you and can't wait for the next visit.


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Thanks for posting about us:) We miss you guys (including Wrigley) and can't wait to come back in Feb. Love you! oh and I really like the pic of us will you send it to me? Thanks.

Diane said...


As usual I am slow at checking your blog - and cool that I made it on someone's Blog!!! It was a great week with you two and I would live it all over again (except the airport part) I'm glad to know we went Quasi camping - love that word.

<>< Me


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