Monday, January 17, 2011

our Cuddle Bug

I think you know we love our "Baby Girl" but... we just can't help but share some of the reasons why!

1. She's very good at communicating with sign language and has recently added inflections or words to her signs (maybe the beginning of actually talking?) Here she is signing "water" and "more"!
2. Even though she's started to test us every few minutes, to see if the rules have changed, she's still cute. Well, most of the time. Here she is whining to either be picked up or I took something she wasn't supposed to have.
3. She's HAPPY! Almost all the time she's smiling and laughing, dancing and kissing. She likes to play very independently. Every few minutes of play she'll come over and lean her head in for a kiss (see the below video for an example). We love her affection! What a blessing!
4. She's playful. It goes along with being happy but she's hard to describe, she's more like an experience :) Norah is so great that words don't do justice, kinda like when we saw Mt. Everest! Honestly, she's better (not bias or anything am I?!)!
5. She already wants to be like Mommy! It's a little scary but oh so fun to have a little lady in the house wanting my necklaces and asking for me to put blush on her (not with words but sign language). I'm totally looking forward to where our relationship takes us as mother and daughter. I pray God blesses us richly with deep conversations and memories of laughter... I know, I'm getting ahead myself here since there will be days of discipline and frustration and maybe a little worry first!
6. She ADORES her Dada. When I say "Daddy's home" Norah and Wrigley both get out of control happy! Norah says something like "Dada" and gets a little giddy, stands at the gate where he comes in and squeals with delight when she sees him! They have a special bond and we can sense the love she has for David and the security he brings for her.
7. She's sensitive. Sometimes, when naps don't go as planned and other kids steal her toys she cries. It's kinda cute.
8. She mimics us! She pretends to talk on the phone a lot... sometimes she actually uses a phone to pretend but sometimes it's her hand, sometimes it's a remote control or the iPod - so creative already!
9. She's honestly really funny and she knows it! She loves being chased by Wrigley or us. She run away and looks back making sure you're chasing her, sometimes this results in her running into a wall. Here she is wearing my scarf and asking for me to chase her while we were at the mall!
10. She feeds herself. She's not the most coordinated yet but she's willing to try in order to get some food! We try to have her feed herself most of the time so she can learn that coordination and independence. It's fun to watch her figure it out.

Here's a really awesome video of Norah with her Grandma - again, so happy, so affectionate and so great at mimicking!


Future Mama said...

This is so precious! She is just adorable :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Stephanie said...

aww thanks for sharing

Gail said...

So sweet and love your blog!

hollypelz said...

I just LOVED this post! Thanks for sharing! :)


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