Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The end

We had a wonderful end to 2010 with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Blomgren!  They came to explore Spokane and hang out with us for a week.  We did so many fun things both with them and also left them a few times with Norah!  The night they arrived David and I planned a festive meal using our nice dishes... I even made pie!  It was so fun to have guests to serve and to do Christmas at our place.  We/Norah opened many wonderful gifts including a fun kitchen to cook at!  

While they were here we also did the Spokane city drive (a fun loop around the whole town), went out to breakfast at one of our favorite local places, showed them around the base as well as David's office, did a little post Christmas shopping, David and I went skiing and on a date, we also were able to celebrate New Year's eve with our dear friends from home group!  Mostly it was just wonderful having them in our home and watching them chase Norah around the house, she loved it.
And... a new year's eve celebration...
 Kelly, Kathleen, Amy, Sarai & Mel (we were missing Kari, Amy & Tara!)

Jonathan, David, Dan, Jeff, Derek, Jason, Sam & Aaron (missing Joel & Travis!)

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