Friday, January 7, 2011

They get it!

Remember this post?  Well, before I even wrote that my sister-in-law and mom both had already gotten Norah two asian dolls!  I love that they get it and know that we desire diversity in our home.  I want to get Norah more dolls of color but I don't want to spoil her (or do I?)!  Oh yeah, I also saw an African American doll at Gymboree of all places!  I was happy to see that they are catching on too.  Here's some pictures of my cutie enjoying her new friends Gia & 아기 which is pronounced "ah-gee" - the Korean word for baby!

*Please note how my adorable daughter crosses her ankles regularly on her own!*
 Gia & "ah-gee"


Stephanie said...

So cute! And this makes me proud to be your friend :)

cassie said...

okay, i added two whole lines to my earlier post;) lol:)!

Stephen said...

You can imagine how thrilled this post makes me.


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