Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a gift for sweet pea.

You know we were excited to send Sweet Pea a package!
We had to fit this all into a 1 gallon ziplock!  We did it.
Handmade sweater by Sweet Pea's Nana, a lovie (blanket), two disposable camera's, a toy, robeez, a cute outfit to match and a photo-book (not pictured).  

We bought the shirt, pants and socks new but she's already getting hand-me-downs since the sweater, shoes and lion toy were all Norah's... oh the life of a younger sibling!

I've had a list of ideas for a package to send our baby once we got a referral - I guess I've been excited for our referral for a while since we thought, we wouldn't be sending our baby a package for another year!!


Mattie said...

How in the world did you fit that into a 1 gallon ziplock!?! I love that she is getting hand-me-downs from her sis!

Stephanie said...

You get to send her stuff?? That's so great!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

What an exciting journey! I have a dear friend who just got a referral for their little boy from S Korea. They have been waiting and praying for 2 years! I pray the Lord will prepare you and equip you to be amazing parents to Sweet Pea (and Nora too)!


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