Monday, April 25, 2011

to fly, or not to fly...

Not to fly is NOT an option for most military families.  since we live hours and hours from our beloved family we have given the "lap child" (children under two fly free) a run for their money.  
Norah has been on 24 flights to date!  She's quite the expert flyer. 
This time around was a little more complicated due to really early flights and her being a toddler wanting to walk around and play with everything in sight.

So, purely for your entertainment these are the things that make me feel like super mom...
1. Norah eats food off of the airplane floor - more than once
2. Norah lays in the isle face down because she's so tired
3. Norah has a complete and utter melt down due to exhaustion - clawing mom and screaming/crying
4. Mom has to pee once norah finally sleeps
5. Mom gets up, pee's in the airplane bathroom and washes her hands all while norah stays asleep in her arms! This is the best accomplishment!!! Although, on a previous trip I changed a poopie diaper on my lap because there was no changing table in the bathroom (ummm, how absurd is that?)!

Once we arrived in IL we had wonderfully blessed time visiting family and just being loved on.  Thank you Blomgren's for hosting us and making us feel oh so loved.
Norah playing peek-a-boo with David's cousin Erin!
One of many crazy pictures I have of Chuck chasing Norah around the house :)
It's hard to capture a posed picture with anyone these days. 
One of the days we visited IL my mom drove in from MN to visit with us!  I love the memory and vision of my Mom and MIL sitting on the couch knitting together. 
Norah in a Swedish hat from her Grandma's childhood.  Does she look tired or what?! 
Bird watching with the old folks :)
So many cuddles for Uncle Steve
I was so happy we could spend an evening in Chicago visiting Steve and Colleen - and seeing my first niece or nephew popping out of Colleen's belly :)  Can't wait to meet "Baby B"
Cousin Sarah also stopped by to visit a little!

Although traveling alone with a toddler isn't much fun - it was so worth the trip, hence the wonderful pictures. We missed David and wished he could have come too but he was busy working hard for our family taking some legal class in Alabama!


Kimberly said...

There are some great pics and it looks like you had a wonderful time with everyone!

Jason, Erika, and the Chimp said...

I completely commiserate! I have had all those experiences on flights with Maren, including changing a diaper with her standing. Though I have not gone to the bathroom with her sleeping - that's awesome. Glad you had a wonderful time with family though!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I love all the pictures. And I can't believe Norah slept while you used the restroom on the plane. Weren't you worried someone would steal her? ;) Way to go, mom!


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