Monday, April 4, 2011

sewing and loving it!

I'm still having a blast sewing so I thought I would share some of my recent creations!  I hope that my new passion inspires you to create something too!

I got the rest of my projects from my One Yard Wonders book - I've basically been sewing my way through it since one yard isn't too intimidating for a new seamstress!

A small dog bed for Radar, my parents dog.  He apparently loves it!

I made this smock of all ages for Norah and a twin one for a friend of hers but... it's going to be too big for them both so maybe I'll save it and have my two baby girls to match!?  YES, I think I will!

And the flouncy bag for a very dear friend - it's in the mail as I type! I hope she likes it because I LOVE the fabric!  

AND, my favorite thing I've made so far! I finished this bag today and it's awesome!  I feel very proud.  I've been eyeing the pattern in the book since I got it for Christmas but... just hadn't found the right fabric. I found fabric that I like but don't love.  Now that I've made the bag and love the shape, I may have to make another one (if I can find fabric I love).  It fits a lot but it's not a huge purse - I fit a 100 count wipe container, a disposable diaper, a magazine, gum, keys, pen, hand sanitizer and there was still room for more!  You can see that there is a magnetic closer for the top which I really like, it somehow makes it seem more professional!  Okay, I'll stop talking about the folklore bag now!

Now I'm working on something REALLY fun for my girls with the below fabric!  Stick around and I'll show you what comes of it!  Yippy!!

So, what are you working on?  Anything new?!  Share!!


stef said...

Oh Kel, I so wish I was the creative type! And I wish you still lived here so you could teach me some stuff :)

And I love how you can refer to "your girls" now!

abby said...

Goodness Gracious You ROCKKKKKKKK!!! Those are so many beautiful projects-and what fun to have things you use and your little one(s) wear!! I LOVE it...way to inspire mama..way to inspire!!
love you

carly said...

the bag turned out so great! i'm kind of bummed i didn't make one now. let me know if you decide to do a second!;)

Julie said...

Wow, sound like me. I go through phases where I'm sewing up a storm...I have the cutest 2 tiered skirt pattern that is sooo easy. Like I told you...right now for me it's knitting. But you never know what it'll be next month. Great job. I love how the dog bed matches the dog perfectly.

Kimberly said...

LOVE it all! Thanks! You are so crafty and creative.


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