Thursday, March 31, 2011


A few weeks ago I got an email from a new blog friend!  She wrote about her love for adoption and orphan care and how she wanted to bless our little family and help us bring home Sweet Pea - What!?  What?  She was a total stranger until I got this email and just introduced herself and offered to give us some of the proceeds from her etsy shop!  

We thought - sweet!  Literally, her store is named Dulcitas: Little Sweets for the Home

Anything purchased during the month of April will directly help bring Sweet Pea home.  Nicole has offered to donate 25% of her profit for the whole month to our adoption!  Please go shopping!  I thought it would be fun if you got to know her a little and see a few of her little sweets, just to whet your appetite.
Nicole, tell us what a typical day for you looks like.
Coffee. Reading in Bed (right now I'm reading through the gospels).  Then, I go to work. I work at a Writing Center at a community college and spend my day working with students on their writing projects. After work, I zip around and pick up my hubby from school, entertain the dog, cook food, and catch up on blog reading.  On some days, I scrounge around at thrift stores, pick up little goodies, and revamp them.  At the end of the day, we like to spend some time chatting and catching up!
 What would a perfect day look like in your book?
I would love to start my day enjoying a fresh cup of joe with my husband.  Then, I'd probably go take the pup to the dog park (which is a good idea for all of us) and grab some ice cream cones on the way home.  I like to be a little productive each day, so I would also probably dabble in a little project and then take a snooze in a hammock.  I'd love to end the day with an outing with our friends at our favorite little tex-mex place or coffee shop.  Is summer here yet?
What's your inspiration for your work?
Well, there's a little thrill for me to see old (maybe even ugly) things become cute and stylish. Also, this process is a picture for me of how Christ renews us and restores us.  I'm constantly reminded of this as I'm working on a piece.  It has gone from old to new!  Also, since beginning the adopting family of the month, I'm inspired and driven by the desire to promote lovely things and help lovely families!

 Where do you see your shop in a year from now?

I hope that the shop continues to grow with both vision and purpose.  I hope that more people enjoy my products and that this, in turn, helps more families!  I also hope that I will keep up the creative process and only do as much as I enjoy doing.  I don't want Dulcitas to become a "have-to" job, but continues to be an outlet for creativity and also a fun way to connect with and bless others!
I think that's it!

For more of Nicole's cute stuff, shop here!

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Mattie said...

She has some lovely things! How awesome to just be contacted out of the blue! (By the way...I'm a new follower and adopting from South Korea...nice to "meet" you!)


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