Tuesday, March 8, 2011

snow shoeing adventure

David has been working extra long hours lately and had a court about two weeks ago.  Since he's been working like a dog he was able to take a day off last week!  Our good friends, the Hooks also had a well deserved day off and we decided to take an adventure to Mt. Spokane and try snow shoeing.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and it was pretty much a perfect day - David enjoyed sleeping in AND a nap, snow shoeing, eating, and a few hours at night alone and then vegin' on the couch with me when I got home!

We weren't sure about how the weather on the mountain would be since it sprinkled in the city and has been in the upper 30's - but as you can see the snow was thick and beautiful that day!
Here's a picture of the girls all ready for the hike!  Clara ended up taking a nap the whole hour and half hike - it was adorable.
An AWESOME family picture but somehow it's blurry on Norah's face!  BOO.  I think it may have been a snow flake?
The men and the little ladies :)  Clara is passed out and Norah is peaking her head around - click on the picture to enlarge it!
Me and Amy!


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Love the pictures. Loved our day together! I should go back and post some of our pictures too...it was just a mad dash to CO the next day and I should've started w/ our snow shoeing post first. Yeah for mid-week adventures!

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go snowshoeing!

Adrienne said...

So much fun.....miss you friend!!!!!!

Amy... said...

ok...i keep having problems commenting on blogs. I'll write one and then I get booted...shoot!


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