Wednesday, March 30, 2011

adoption banned because of christian beliefs

We discovered a sad, but true, ruling by the UK High Court in February.  The court ruled that a couple that have been foster parents to 15 children can no longer be foster parents.  Why?  Because their Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin is a threat to children!  Not only is this ruling ridiculous (why on earth would a government not want a child to go to a loving home?), it is a sign of how we have placed political correctness on such a high pedestal that we've lost sight of rational thinking.  As Jim Daly said on the subject, "Surely the news out of the UK startles, but doesn't shock.  The Bible tells us that godly wisdom will be regarded as foolishness and that what is good will be called evil." We hope and pray that this type of backwards thinking does not make its way across the pond.

*To find out more about this, go here (Focus on the Family blog), or here (BBC article).

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