Saturday, March 12, 2011

a 2am feeding

Sometimes between 2am and 4am Norah wakes up hungry (now, if you know me more intimately you also know that I wake up starving, like every day and sometimes in the middle of the night - I literally get up to eat and then go back to sleep).  Last night was one of those nights.  This silly girl was wide away with hunger pains - we know which cries mean what!

I went in to get her/to fill her tummy up and she whispers "hi" then I said it back and she says "hi mama" all SO CUTE even for 2am :)

We headed to the kitchen in the dark, made some toast and she chowed down a whole banana and poof, problem solved.  When we tip toed back up to her room I said "night night" and she leaned into her crib and went tummy down right away without a peep.  I love her oh so much.

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Ky Waterhouse said...

That's so cute! Joy got out of bed two nights ago at 3am while we were sleeping 4 deep in my moms room (Dawn, Ky & Hart in bed, Joy in her sleeping bag on the floor), and when my mom got up to put her back in bed she said "baba, pay. Dolls. Rock you." Which translates to "grandma, lets play. We can rock my dolls." Haha!
Miss you, hope we get to see you 3(4) soon! -Ky


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