Friday, March 25, 2011

how far? how fast? how long?

Isn't it ironic that there's a sign that points to Korea from downtown Spokane?!  It's fun to see little reminders of how "close" we are to our Sweet Pea

Surely in the next few months we'll be asking how far? how fast? how long? like the song from Switchfoot - oh the memories!  Feeling so thrilled to travel to Asia again, cannot wait to set foot in that part of the world as we love it SO much - but also, knowing we get to touch and see and smell our little girl, aaahhh!  Makes us giddy.

And, even though we are greatly anticipating the day we get to bring our baby home, we are now cherishing our time with only one daughter to dote and love on.  We want to soak in this two-on-one parenting we get for only a little longer!  


Future Mama said...

Haha, that's right, soon the teams will be even! Fun fun :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Leah A. said...

So happy for you guys and to stay in touch via blogging too! You might find it interesting that I happened to write about Koreans in my Pink Purses & Pizza post :)
Do miss you three...any chance of a visit to COS sometime soon? Leah

Jenny said...

You're so cute, Kelly! This is awesome!

stef said...

you have to tell us how you're explaining it to Norah! Does she "get" that a big change is coming??


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