Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the maple leaf state

A few weekends ago we were able to spend a time away with our "small" (21 people) group (and we had a few missing people!).  Since we are so close to the border we decided to make our weekend away in foreign land - oh yes, we are an adventurous group!  Packed into two condos we experienced beautiful blue skies and powder snow (along with FREE lift tickets), games, LOTS of food, wonderful conversations and a little bit of hot tubbing! 

Besides the few people puking in the bathrooms - things went really great!  No seriously though, we had a few really sick people that had to leave early to get to their own beds :(  We are so grateful we didn't catch anything too severe before David's week in court.

 David doesn't love skiing or anything ;)
 Jason, Kari, Kelly, David & Amy
 Kelly, Amy, Kari, Mel, Kathleen, Amy & Sari
 Kathleen & Dan
 Just rolled out of bed and still stunning as ever - Amy & Hollyn
Joel, Parker, Griffin & Clara

And, this post wouldn't be complete without an ode to FIF - a band that David LOVES and has loved for years.  We listened to this song a few times prior to crossing the border just to get a little extra excited!


Dan said...

Great to relive the weekend looking at your pics. It was a blast!

Dan and Shell said...

LOL!! Kelly, as a REAL Canadian...how have I not heard this song before! I think it should be my new theme song!! I get Razzed all the time for being Canadian...but I do love it there! Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad your family didn't get sick!!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

FIF from Canada? Who knew? And too bad you can't reverse that F somehow ;). It was a great weekend. And I love your hot tub picture the best. You'll have to send it to me!

Amy... said...

I love our large group:) So much! Can't wait to hang out more in just a couple days!


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