Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, they have all meant so much to us during this whirlwind of wonderful news and change on the horizon!  We've been busy little bee's since we last wrote.  We officially received Sweet Pea's referral package in the mail and had A LOT of paperwork to read over, contracts to sign, pictures to hold on to and more background and medical information!

On Sunday we planned to work hard on applying for another grant and another loan, in case we aren't rewarded any more money.  Instead, we poured ourselves into finishing the referral paperwork and then on Monday we had the 14 documents notarized and sent off the referral package.  Phew!  It feels good to have that done.  Once our agency received it, they finished up the package and sent it off to Seoul!  From my understanding, once S.Korea receives this package our 3-6 month wait (for the call to bring our baby girl home) officially begins.

{Our second t-shirt order arrived and I got the packages out - David's passport expires this month, oops we filed for a new one and in the pile of papers are 8 pictures of our Sweet Pea!  I'm dying to share them with you.  Can't wait.}

Through the last few days we've finished up the grant and loan applications - they have a lot of deep questions that we have to answer in length so it just takes a bit of time.  Praying God paves the way to finish our payments to the agency soon!  Since we received our referral so quickly we were caught off guard by the payments.  The agency sent us our final bill stating we needed to pay the rest of the money for the adoption, including finalization fee's and everything (even though that could be a year from now).  We feel so much peace about all this and know that God will provide.

Last Monday, the day we heard officially from S.Korea that our match for set - we received WONDERFUL news!  We were awarded a grant from Show Hope - can it be any more clear that we are on the right path here? It was such a confirmation that He will provide a way to bring our Sweet Pea home.  Hip hip hooray!


Future Mama said...

YAY! LOVE all this news :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

korr said...

So excited for you guys! and wonderful to hear how God is providing the funds!
Love, Cheri

stef said...

Great news!


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