Saturday, July 16, 2011

8 weeks down.

whenever we go through something hard in our lives or something i just want to get through i like to celebrate how far we've come!

1 week apart from my spouse and that's another week i'll never have to do without him again!
8 weeks waiting for evelyn's EP - praise the Lord we're not just starting that 8 week wait and hopefully we're nearing the end.
11 months ago (almost) to the day that we first applied to adopt (God is faithful and fast... when He wants to be)!
1 year & 3 days ago we first stepped foot in Spokane... at this point last year we hadn't even found or moved into the house we are moving out of this week!

that's about it :) i just wanted to celebrate with you some of the hard stuff that's passing by!  happy weekend y'all!


Future Mama said...

What a wonderful way to look at things. Congrats!!

Much love,
Future Mama

mandii said...

awesome. love your outlook! keep it up!


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