Thursday, July 14, 2011

a very special BIRTHday.

dear evelyn,

we are so excited to wish you a happy birthday baby girl!  we are longing to be with you and celebrate your precious life.  instead, today you get to be with your loving foster family, hopefully having a joyous tol (korean first birthday) to celebrate being alive!

this week i've been thinking a lot about your birthmother and her sacrifice for you.  i hope we can always honor her and remember that she choose life for you when things must have been tough in her situation.

even though we can't celebrate with you today we will soon!  it's crazy how you've wrapped us around your chubby little fingers in the 4 months since we first saw pictures of you.  we praise God daily for the opportunity to be your dad and mom and celebrate the gift of adoption.  we cannot wait to meet you and brag to everyone about how amazing you are.

happy birthday my beloved, you are cherished today from afar and we love you.


Future Mama said...

I know this is a tough day for you, what a beautiful post. Happy Birthday little one, you will be home soon!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

Jen Mckenna said...

Happy Birthday, Evelyn :)
Praying for you guys...must be so hard to not have her there with you on her birthday :( Love you!!


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