Tuesday, July 5, 2011

life goes on.

It's been hard to blog lately. We feel like we're in limbo between so many emotional and physical changes that it's hard to display how and what we are doing.  We've been talking and dreaming a lot about our upcoming year and all the wonderful changes that are about to take place.  Also, we talk a lot about how many times God keeps changing our plans and is pushing us to trust him amidst these changes and frustrating times.

Evelyn: Basically, there's nothing yet to update you on.  We've now been waiting close to 7 weeks for the EP to be approved.  The wait has been killing us.  It's really heart wrenching too not just because of the actual waiting but because each day that goes by means more separation for our family (David & Wrigley in one country and me and the girls in another).  Our assumption was that Evelyn would be home by her one year birthday and that's rapidly approaching. She almost certainly isn't going to be home by then but, God's been known to change our assumptions a few times.  Her birthday is July 14th.  Please keep praying that she stays healthy and that we do too and that we can bring her home very very soon.  There is some talk online about the Korean ministry not approving EP's until the end of July (this type of delay has never happened before and it really doesn't make sense) so pray hard against anymore delay.

The Move: Since the adoption has been delayed our timeline has changed.  David is leaving for Germany this week. It's going to be a good thing for all of us long term but it makes our more immediate life changes harder.  He and Wrigley will be able to get to Germany and hopefully find us a home.  David will also be able to cross paths with the attorney he is taking over for.  With our old departure date he was going to miss seeing the other attorney at all since he and his family are moving back to the states.

Because of David's departure, this puts a little extra work on my shoulders - not too much but it's still more than I want to do alone.  I will juggle single parenthood again while we have 5 days of 3 different moving companies come to our place and in the middle of that Norah and I will be moving in with some family friends so we can still sleep in beds :)  So, in the next week I'll have to get me, Norah & Evelyn's bags packed for our potentially two month hiatus from a dresser and home.  Phew, it sounds unrestful but I'm thinking FREEDOM!  Freedom from cleaning bathrooms, yard work and some dishes!  I will certainly miss my sewing machine, the comfort and quiet of our home, and our wonderful yard but... I'll have my girl(s)!
Two homes that we've thought would be ours in Germany have fallen through.  With the opportunity for David to be able to be in Germany instead of relying solely on internet and Skype calls we might be better in tune with what's available and right for our family.

In the midst of this wait we've had some wonderful times with friends here in Spokane.  We're thankful for the extra days to savour here and explore the beautiful surrounding areas.  We experienced our first Hoopfest - the city of Spokane shuts down blocks and blocks of streets so that people can play basketball!  There were almost 500 courts and 27,876 players!! Can you see all the courts down this street?  It was fun to walk around and see all the different ages participating in this once a year tradition!
A few weeks ago some very dear friends of mine threw me a baby shower!  It was a true blessing to have my girlfriends celebrate Evelyn's life and bless us with a few essential diapers, adoption books and some other special gifts just for Evelyn!  Here's a few of the ladies that attended:
 Andi & Bekah
 Carly, Jes, Amy & Amy
 Steph & Me

And, one more thing I wish I could show you... we got new pictures AGAIN for Evelyn.  She's growing up so fast and she's more beautiful each time we see her beautiful face. Her chubby cheeks are lessening just a bit and her thick black hair continues to grow!  We can't wait to show her beautiful face to you all.
Here's a cute one of Norah and her best friend Clara.  Each time we get in the car Norah says "Clara?" wondering if we're heading somewhere we might run into Clara.  It's a good thing Clara's mama and I like each other too :)

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