Wednesday, June 29, 2011

he's 30

In celebration of David entering a new decade we had a party!  It was an awesome turn out with about 35 people!  It was so wonderful to once again fill our yard and home with friends who have been like family to us this past year.  What a blessed evening!  We had a great spread of food and some fun yard games too :)
 Amy, Mia & Karis, Asher, Amy, David & Carly
 LOTS of fun people!
 Jono's slack-line was of course a hit!
 The Mahmood chicks and Jed

Car & me
And, here's David and Norah on our Father's day hike.  It was a perfect day to celebrate David as a Dad and do something he loves.  David, you are a really wonderful man and I love you with my whole heart. I'm so thankful that I met you 10 years ago this week!  I am so privileged to be your partner in this journey of life. I love watching you interact with family and friends and especially they way you are with Norah.  Thanks for changing my life!  Happy birthday!


carly said...

that was such a great night (minus andrew's hit to the head). so much fun. thanks for having us over to celebrate david!!! :)

Stephen said...

Yay Blommy!


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