Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Every time Norah sees a picture of our Sweet Pea, she says "Sis!" or "issy" and it just makes us so happy that she knows Sweet Pea's face too!!

And now, after much deliberation, we've finally landed on a new first name for our Sweet Pea.  This last week we were able to announce the name to both of our families and feel you all might want to know what we're call her, right?!  Well, you can now call her Evelyn! And, crazy enough, it has a German origin!

We are having a really hard being patient right now as the four week mark approaches since Evelyn's EP was submitted!  Why oh why do we have to wait for permits and visas?!  I know there are reasons but they don't make any sense to a mother without her baby girl.

This past week we were enjoying time with both of our families in the middle of the north woods (more to come on that) and got a call from our Korea case manager. The agency in Korea sent new pictures and two videos of Evelyn!!!  They are so awesome.  I can't tell you how wonderful, and heart breaking it is to see the pictures and video.  It's like having the pictures and video reminded us what we're missing out on all over again.  We are truly truly thankful for these pictures and videos, they are sweet reminders of the interactions and love she is getting in Korea.  God is good!

Will you please please pray for the EP to be approved TODAY and then pray that the visa (medical and interview) are schedule and happen at a record pace?!  There are so many details we need to take care of and time is running so short - we really want David to be in the U.S. when we get the travel call, when we go to Korea and when we leave for Germany!

New stats on our girl:
11 months old
19 freakin' pounds!
8 teeth
She's pulling herself up on furniture and standing, but in the video you can tell she's not too strong --- hmmm, could it be because of the amount of weight!?  :)


Terri said...

How cool, Kel. I can't wait to see her face!

carly said...

praying!! i can't imagine waiting! we can't wait until you bring evelyn home!! hoping you can share a video tonight??:)

Grace said...

ha..our Gianna was weighing in at 22 lbs at 8 months! Haven't received any more updates, but I can only imagine :) Beautiful name by the way <3

Far From Perfect MaMMa said...

Hi Friend! Last night you were heavy on my mind I realized I hadn't seen your blog in a long time. Something happened in that I got "unfollowed" or something. Oh well. I MISSED SO MUCH TOO! I had no idea about Germany! That is really exciting. Where will you be? I loved southern Germany while I was there. Evelyn is a beautiful name for your sweet pea. I cannot wait for you to hold her for the very first time. Hugs friend. Sorry I missed out on so much!

Loralee said...

Hi guys! I love the name Evelyn! My great-grandmother's name was Evelyn (her last name is my famous middle name - Shoff). Thinking of you guys and hoping the timing of everything goes quickly and smoothly. Love you!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Yeah for a name officially :). Love it! And I LOVED getting to see the sweet new pictures and videos. Can't wait to see her in person. And of course we're praying!! One day at a time...


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