Monday, June 6, 2011

memorial day bike ride

I biked over 14 miles, David biked over 20. I never bike.  I'm a little a lot sore in the legs.  But, I feel proud!

Memorial day we followed our wonderful friends, the Hooks, to the trail of Coeur d'Alenes.  The morning started off very cold but warmed up during the second half of the bike trip.  Now, the Jonathan this "trip" was like a warm up - I think he's known to do something like 50 miles of biking in any given day. He's just good like that.  But for us, this was a trip but a really fun one at that.

After biking and chatting (Amy & I) we had a nice picnic lunch by the lake.  Great memories and celebration on this Memorial day as we thank and remember those that sacrifice for our freedom.
Norah got a kick out of her ride and she pretty much ate and slept the whole time.
Norah and Clara just taking in the scenery in Idaho.  These little girlies are adorable together, such a sweet little friendship at a young age.  Love seeing them "talking" and laughing together.

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