Monday, June 27, 2011

this is the life.

We successfully completed our second summer at Kolnes Kove with both families!  Remember how much fun was had last year?!  So much has changed in our lives since then but it's nice to go back to a place that already holds so many special memories and will continue to hold memories for years to come.
The first long weekend we were with the Blomgrens!
L to R: Chuck, Karen, Norah, David, Kelly, Steve, Colleen (and baby), Kristin (and baby) and Keith

You can literally watch our family grow in the next 5 months as three babies will be added the Blomgren's - so fun!!
Colleen, Guiness, Steve and Norah - they are practicing for parenthood.  Their baby is due at the end of July and are going to find out the day of delivery if it's a boy or girl!  We cannot wait to meet our first niece or nephew :)
Keith and Kristin - also practicing for parenthood!  They are having a BOY and due with baby boy in November. So fun to see both Colleen & Kristin's growing baby bellies.
Norah LOVED to honk the boat horn, thanks Uncle Steve :)
In between the Blomgren's and Moselle's the Beckers drove to KK to visit!  It was so fun to have a few precious days with our dear friends to chat, play games and boat!
 A great view of the cabin: Joy reading on the couch, David video taping and Disko and Norah dancing! 
 The second long weekend with the Moselle side!
L to R: David, Norah, Kelly, Aaron, Diane, Randy, Kim & Nathan
Norah loved all the fun attention and food - lots of good food.  In this picture my mom so wonderfully gave Norah some coffee (not the only Grandma thing she did... pop, gum and ice cream may have also been given) 
 Good cooks make for some great food!
 David & Norah reading up on some Korean travel tips!
 Game night! 
 Norah and I had one extra day in Minneapolis with my family.  It was really fast but still great.  We did a little shopping, baking bread with my aunt Dawn (above) and doing a little hand made jewelry time!  My mom and I made jewelry for Evelyn's foster parents and a few other special adoption friends.  Who doesn't love a hand-made gift!?


carly said...

it was so fun seeing all the pictures of your families! glad you guys had such a great time, but i am even more glad that you are back! ;)

Kimberly said...

Sigh...that is definitely the life :)

Peter and Bethany said...

I always appreciate your encouraging comments... praying for your family during this huge, exciting, overwhelming time!

Stephen said...

I love the Kove!!!


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