Saturday, June 11, 2011

6.11.05 remembered.

Six years of wedded love and so many fun adventures.  What's life without love and adventure!?
Thank you David for choosing me.  Being married to you reminds me again and again of Christ's love for me and how he too chose me to be his bride.  I'm so blessed!

David is a loving, patient, funny, attentive husband.  He is also a goofy, tender, protective father and that makes him an even better spouse.  Thanks Babe for treating our relationship as something to treasure and putting effort into our continued time together.  I'm so very in love with you and hope to keep on fallin'!
Happy anniversary my Love.


carly said...

happy anniversary you love birds! ;) we had out 8th on June
7th! did you guys get to go out and celebrate? can't wait for you to get home!!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Yeah! Congrats on SIX years. That is awesome ;). Your sweet relationship and love for one another are a blessing to many - us included. What a gift to TWO sweet little girls as well :)!

Mattie said...

Happy Anniversary!


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