Friday, June 3, 2011

grill it up!

We had a great Saturday night with our friends the Pickerings & Hooks.  God has blessed us abundantly with like minded families that love us and want to live life together.  Here's a few pictures of our night grilling, slack-lining, talking, having s'mores and a bonfire.
 Snugglin' with our girls: Norah & Kel  - Clara & Amy
 Dishing up some grub: Jono, Amy, David, Neal & Kelly
A little t-ball perhaps? Andrew, Clara & Levi
Great friends since college: Carly & Amy
The men: David, Jono & Neal

1 comment:

carly said...

oh, that was a fun night. :) hoping we can do it ASAP again when you get home.:)


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