Wednesday, June 8, 2011

embrace the girly

I've been trying to spruce up a few things for the girls room.  We're not sure what the arrangements will be in Germany so I'm just planning on them sharing a room at this point.  A few weeks ago I sold Norah's crib and dresser on Craig's list (for more than I bought it for!), and bought a slightly cheaper crib and toddler bed (hasn't arrived yet).  I'm still working on getting a dresser and little girl clothes are everywhere at this point!  Today I did a little research on making some custom bedspreads by yours truly (sew fun) and I'm sewing up some sheets (sew easy). 

Last weekend at a garage-sale I got this itty bitty rocking chair for $4...
bought some pink spray
paint to match the bean bag (with a coupon) for about $2, and ended up with this...
 Love it!!

I love creating things but I only have so much in me here and there so for now... I can handle a little spray paint and sewing.  Check back with me in a few months when I have both my girls home and I'm in a foreign land :)
Wrigley hung out in the yard with me.  This picture is funny cause he's trying to kiss me. I like him!


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