Saturday, July 9, 2011

a last chance of sorts

In less than 24 hrs David and Wrigley will be long gone!  It's so exciting and honestly so sad too.  David is such a stellar hubs, he's even mowing once more before he relaxes so I won't have to - thanks Babe!

Since David's leavin' on a jet plane and I'm closing up the shop here at our house I'm making this the last call for our adoption shirts!  I mean, if later on we're back and we have some left I'll let you know but... shipping from Germany to the states might get too pricey.  If you've been wavering about getting a shirt, or wanted to help bring Evelyn home, or just want to look cute - please buy a shirt (or some coffee)!  See this post for directions on how to place your order and what sizes are still available!  Thanks y'all.

Here is some shirtspiration for you :)
*If you have a picture in your adoption shirt, please send it our way!  We LOVE our support team!!
 Amy, Amy & Kathleen
Trying so hard to get a good family picture at Christmas
My friend Mellisa and her cutie Alice in CO
 My friend Becca, isn't she beautiful!?
 Joy & Disko - they bought the first shirts!
Nathan, Kim, Dad, Mom & Aaron

Thank you everyone for your strong support and for loving Evelyn before you even know about her!

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