Friday, October 28, 2011

falling into place.

The past two weeks have brought on many new things for us!  Here's a bit of what we've been doing...
  • Letting Norah be creative and pick out her clothes - some of the time :) 

  • Having coffee & tea with our american neighbors!
  • Visiting churches in the area. There aren't many english speaking options so I'm sure we'll know which one will be our home church soon!
  • Taking as many walks as we can before it's way too cold
Nanzdietschweiler behind us, our house is right above my head. I love that we can sometimes hear the cows mooing from our living room!
  • Started attending a women's study of the book Fearless by Max Lucado
  • Went to an adoption support group. It was nice to just be with other people who get some of the hard parts of adoption - this part, post placement, has by far been the hardest part for us and I've been craving a friend to relate with on it all. I met a new friend at the meeting - hi friend, if you're reading! - and we even met at the park yesterday! Feeling blessed by that connection.
  • Went to MOPS here on base. I am currently on the wait list as they don't have enough room for everyone that is interested so... when ladies are out of town etc those on the wait list get an invite and I did this time around. I'm still hoping some room opens up for us to go but if not, at least I've met a few ladies through the group already.
  • We took the girls to the pool on base and they both seemed to love swimming with Dad & Mom!
  • Taking our neighbors cookies in hopes of connecting with some of them. We found out there is another JAG on our block - a family that has already lived here 2 years so that should be great!
  • Evelyn had a pediatric appointment and she's doing great. It was nice to meet the girls doctor even though we don't know if he'll move soon and the girls will get another doc.
She was tired, can you tell? Such a great picture of them though :)
  • We went to Ikea (about 45 min away) and got a load of stuff for the house. Mostly storage type things since the Germans don't have closets (WHAT?!). We're still figuring out where to put everything and how to keep it organized!
  • I've been cooking a ton still. Finding a load of fun recipes from pinterest and really having a great time doing it!  The only downside to me cooking most nights is LOTS of leftovers for lunches. Oh well, at least most of the recipes have been good.
Quinao burgers - really good!
  • Took the girls to a German musik class (kind of like Kindermusik which was created here). The class was held in this lady's home and was all in German but it was so fun, even if we were a little lost with the language barrier!
  • Evelyn has been doing really well. She's usually content these days - bits of laughter (usually at Norah or Wrigley) and independent play.  She's been signing "more" and "all done" which makes mealtime a bit easier (mealtime with two toddlers is not really my favorite thing).


Kimberly said...

Love the pic of both girls! Also looks like Evelyn is playing with Norah's bday gift :) Love you all!

Laura said...

Kelly, I'm so glad that you guys are settling in and are finding ways to get involved and meet people! I love reading about your journey and hearing how God is providing for your family.

mandii said...

That picture of Norah is soooo adorable! Looks like you guys are settling in. Now it's time to catch your breath after a crazy couple of months! :) Congratulations on everything!


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