Thursday, October 20, 2011

norah turned two (sept 20th).

Norah.Nors.The Great Norooney. Our Baby Girl.
You're two years old!

You started life by surprising us all, arriving a bit early and eager to meet your Mama :)  We hung in there the first 10 weeks without Dad but made it through with lots of help from friends and family who wanted to visit you in Colorado!  Once Daddy came home you really started to shine showing us your beautiful smile, rolling over and progressing as a healthy baby girl from then on.

This last year of your life has certainly been awesome! Your personality shines and I think EVERYONE loves you :) You've always been the "baby" that goes to anyone, even strangers, and I have to say - it warms my heart that you are so trusting and truly loving of others. Your time in Spokane, building your first of many friendships, was so beautiful to watch. We love that every time we got in the car you said "Clara! Amy!" (your best friend) wondering if we were about to see Clara & Amy :) 
This last year we watched you try your hand at some art projects, LOVE your music class, start to "talk" and whine, request reading books with us at any down time, ask for kisses (even in the middle of a meal or conversation), sing and dance. Your tender heart really has been a true blessing to this mama.  The many many times you've seen me cry through the last few months you stopped dead in your tracks, walked over to me and said "it's okay mommy?!" and offer a kiss and a hug and look in my eyes again and repeat "it's okay mommy?" Your love for others is so Christ-like and has been such an encouragement to me.  

This year you've also welcomed Evelyn into your life. Each time you wake up the first thing you say is "sister doin?" It's awesome. If we give you a snack or something to eat (before Evelyn) you promptly say "sister some?" or you walk over and give her what you have and then ask for more. You're very generous. And, even though evelyn cries a lot - you seem to always want to make sure we know (like we don't hear it?) she's sad - "sister's cryin.'"  Anyway, it's great to know you care so much about Evelyn and truly love having her around. She sure does thinks you're hilarious (even though you don't realize she's laughing at you).

Things our two year old does:
  • says please and thank you for almost everything.
  • says "sorry mommy/daddy/sister" when she didn't even do anything wrong!
  • if we're listening to music, in between songs she says "more please" - she loves her music
  • has started to talking in short sentences
  • LOVES to talk on the phone - she walks around like she owns the place with the phone to her ear and mostly repeating what the other person is saying - example: her grandma says "how's your sister today?" norah responds "sister doin'?"
  • struggles with meal time - acts like we need to feed her and baby her (probably due to Evelyn needing help with food)
  • for a while there we thought you wanted to potty train - always asking about going potty etc. but for the last month you've said nothing... until this week, you said "Clara goin' potty" as if Clara is the only one that uses the toilet. So, we're waiting until you're ready and things are more routine before we introduce that challenge.
  • absolutely loves shoes. she puts on all shoes and mostly big people shoes and walks around the house... rather well too!
  • sleeps in, most days, past 8 (or 9 if i let her)!
  • LOVES purses and putting things in them and gets very upset when she can't bring her purse to meal time
  • Explores. She is a very curious little girl and isn't afraid to make your home hers... you might find her in your tub or in pulling open your dresser drawers. What? She's just exploring! :)

Norah's favorites at the moment.
Music - party like a preschooler - a truly FUN CD that i love too :)
Toy - well, her purse and babies... she's always having her babies go to sleep and eat
Food  - pretzels
Drink - juice from mommy's juicer
Person - daddy! or clara, parker, griffin, hollyn or either amy :)
Video - any Word World show (we had dvd's)

2 weeks old.
First time you met Daddy! 10 weeks.
Always such a happy bundle of joy. 6 months.
12 months old and just moved to Spokane, WA
Trying out some new activities at co-op. 18 months old.
More fun at co-op. 18 months.
Monday play-dates with Rachelle, Soso, Amy, Clara, Iah & Mommy. 

Hanging with Clara after a bike ride. 20 months.
You loved the bows Amy made for your sister before she came home! 21 months.
Having fun with Daddy! 23 months.
Celebrating your LIFE with Kathy. 24 months - birthday!

Opening presents at your impromptu party a few days before leaving Spokane. 23 months.
Saying "yeah!" you loved yoru slippers Nana made! 24 months + a few days.
At your first German fall festival with mommy. 24 months + a few days.

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Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Oh Norah girl, we LOVE you and MISS you!!!! That second to last picture with Norah wearing black and throwing her arms in the air is my new favorite :). It just captures her so well. Give her some kisses from Amy and Clara!


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