Thursday, October 13, 2011

a good week.

this week has been successful.
this week, actually today, i got my international drivers license. i have to say, the test was hard!
david made me drive home. i was scared. everything is different here and our car seems so large and in charge.
these boxes

are finally gone. happy dance.
also, the temporary furniture that we were using before our household goods arrived also left. another dance :)

now we are left with a lot of organizing! not my favorite thing and not my gift. i miss my mom and sister immensely when i move and they can't be around to help me get situated. they're pro's at it. why am i the one that's moved so much and still bad at it? hmmm... i am not a quick learner.

i'm so thankful...
third day people, we are on the third day without any of this
praise the good Lord. *trust me, she still knows how to whine*
honestly, every single day we've known evelyn she's thrown fits and had some sad sad times. we knew a lot of it was due to the changes in her life and not feeling secure with us but... she seems truly secure and happy now. it's so wonderful, for all of us.
no mommy breakdowns either, first days in months - literally. hope feels good. but sadness is not gone. okay, update on this one - about an hour after posting i had a minor meltdown. oh well, gotta get it out right?

norah's been the one testing the waters. she's definitely wearing in her two-year-oldness.

she's also been missing friends back in spokane - that doesn't make it easy for me. she asks for them by name (and the mom's too) and i just have to say - maybe later baby.

the vines in our yard are very fruitful. there is much more where this came from. 

i've been cooking - a lot. it's been so wonderful. i have my own kitchen and i can finally venture out and try things i've been holding onto for a while.
some of my firsts in my german kitchen were awesome recipes from a new cookbook. 
this cookbook came from my home group ladies - they all put together recipes and had them printed professionally in a book! it's so awesome and i love them so much. cooking from their recipes gives me a strange comfort. i think i've cooked literally 10 things from the book. one of the most heart warming gifts i've ever received. 
love it.

i got myself a mobile - how cool is that? it's been active for a few days... no one's called YET.
norah loves to talk on the phone, and walk around wherever she pleases. here she's talking to her grandma and loving it.

ahhh, there's so much more to tell you and say but there's this huge gap missing on the blog - so much has happened that i want to fill you in on. i'm torn about whether to move forward or try to catch up.
i'm hoping to do both! yikes. 
my house is still a total disaster and i want to blog? my get away sometimes.


stef said...

You have grapes?? I'm so jealous :)

Kimberly said...

Love this post :) First congrats on passing the test! What an answer to prayer that Evelyn is feeling more secure, comfortable and happy with you all. Praise God! Love ya sis.

carly said...

what a great post kelly! so glad that some things are falling into place for you guys. CAN'T wait to talk soon!! yea!! :)

katie said...

great update. glad to hear that things are settling down and that (hopefully) you are over the hardest transition with evelyn. hang in there kel! you have a lot of people thinking of you and praying for you everyday. love!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

So wonderful seeing your face and hearing your voice today. For Clara too - seeing sweet Norah. Now on to explaining why princess stickers can't be handed via skype ;). Love you, dear and are so glad you are getting settled. There is nothing better than getting rid of boxes. Hurrah! And so glad Evelyn is adjusting so well. Love you four and miss you!

Amy... said...

This is my favorite post ever. I love you so much.


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