Monday, October 3, 2011

it's official.

The official adoption day in court was on Friday September 16th. Since we finalized the adoption we were able to book tickets to Germany and left the following Wednesday morning to head home.  It's been a whirlwind but I know you all would want to see what a wonderful time we had in court!

Before court we had to file the paperwork for the adoption with the judge and like our family journey lately... there has to be drama, right?  Along with the lawyer, I went to file the paperwork; come to find out, you need to pay in cash!  So, we head to the nearest ATM - it's broken. We do a half jog to the next one (in a dress with Evelyn in the Ergo and a large diaper bag in tow) and withdrawal a couple hundred dollars and race back to get the paperwork in just about 30 before court. Phew! So glad we got it into the judge in time (and that I actually had the ATM card with me).

Finally it was go time.

David calls in from Germany to join us, conference call style!  It was so wonderful to have him "there" and for him to know the wonderful friends who came to support us.  We had over 20 wonderful friends come and cheer us on.  Thank you to everyone who came, took off work, got babysitters, cried and cheered with me that day - it wouldn't have been quite as special without you there.  The day was a bit tearful but we made it through and ended it with an applause!  Here are a few pictures to document the day.
left to right and front to back:
Amy, Clara, Kathy, Carly, Bekah, Evie, Russ, Shannon, Mia & Karis
Dan, Tara, Amy, Hollyn, Sue, Griffin, Kari, Taylor, Olivia, Mel & Jeff
*not pictured, Jono
Three of the four Blomgrens & our wonderful lawyer!

After court my dear friend Amy made cake and had everyone over to celebrate our newest addition!
 Amy (and 26 week old baby), me & Carly
Me & Hollyn Joy!
Joel, Dan & Jono
 Norah enjoying the delicious cake!
 Welcome to the family, officially, Evelyn J. Blomgren - we love you dearly.


Eryn said...

great to see your post, Kelly! Send me a personal update on life in Germany... Been praying lots!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

YEAH! So glad we got to celebrate the special day with you. We love that Evelyn J. Blomgren and the rest of her family :)!

stef said...

You need to update your Adoption Timeline!


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