Thursday, July 26, 2012

a german park.

Each German park we've been to has been different... no plastic put-together play places... mostly wood made structures, zip lines, very large slides (that scare me and not Norah--see the long tall metal one behind the girls?), lots of sand, trampolines in the ground with no nets or anything!  So different than the States.  Also, a big thing here is barefoot parks where the kids especially get well, barefoot, and muddy. It's all wet and fun. We haven't yet technically been to one yet but are planning a trip soon for the experience of it and hopefully it we like it rather than get grossed out!
We found a great park near our home that is on the side of a small lake that you can walk around.  You can see Norah pumping water that flows down into the designated areas and the kids can block one or two of the lanes with rocks and these metal pieces to figure out how the flow of the water works. It's very cool and the kids love to pump the water up, too!  Also, behind Norah is a little biergarten (beer garden) where you can order a beer or get some ice cream while you play!  What a great find!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, we are headed there on Friday. Want to go again? I posted it on the FB village site. The zoo was fun today.

Kimberly said...

I must confess sometimes I just come to your blog to look at pics over and over! I miss your fam and just want to see your faces :) Love you guys!


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