Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a year in review.

we've had a major year in the blomgren family.  i'm just going have a list a few of the experiences for documentation sake and just to say, PHEW, i hope we never have a crazy year like this again (not that all things were bad, just too much at once)!
  • one year ago this week david & wrigley arrived in germany.
  • i managed the moving company back in spokane and we moved out in late july.
  • norah and i lived with two different families (in basements) for 5 weeks without evelyn in one home and then moved to the other home for 3 weeks more with evelyn.
  • david bought a german car, found a german house to rent and started a new job in those 8 weeks!
  • traveled to south korea & picked up evelyn, brought her to the states and finally gave her the blomgren name!
  • i flew to germany with the girls and the day after we arrived our household goods came and the long process of moving in began.
  • we started the journey of attaching to evelyn and getting to know her... finally!
  • church search - landed and then searched again - now we've landed again - make sense?!
  • grieved the loss of our spokane community and the pacific NW that we love so much.
  • drove over 100mph legally, more than a few times. oh the thrill of it!
  • our marriage has been hard this year because of all the changes but now we are stronger and more in love than ever. how beautiful.
  • had visitors from both sides of our family come to germany and more on their way soon!
  • roman bath houses :)
  • visited the states and saw family and everyone finally met our beautiful evelyn.
  • have been on a search for a few months for a school or program for norah for next year. praying over what the right thing for her is (and our wallets!).
  • new sewing machines!!! and my sewing class, oh so fun.
  • saw our first slugs (and a few snails too), and lots of them all over our yard.
  • got a pet passport, how funny is that? so wrigley can travel europe too!
and we were able to traveled to...
south korea
czech republic
luxembourg (david)
portugal (david)
turkey (david)

there's so much more in between the lines there but you get the drift. thank you Lord for protecting us through all this travel and transition... we're not done yet so please keep up the protection!


stef said...

how blessed you are!! and i've never heard of a pet passport haha

Melissa said...

Wow! What a year!
You guys are such a fun family!


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