Saturday, July 7, 2012

wisconsin love. moselle style.

Similar to the Blomgren style long weekend at Kolnes Kove, we were livin' it up with the Moselle/Toldt clan!  Here's some pictures to prove our joy with our beloved family...
Uncle Aaron!
 Boat time with everyone on board. Evelyn was finally getting more brave on the boat (after about 5 rides) and even would sit looking out! 
 Even though Evelyn stood up on the boat she still needed the security Daddy could offer. She actually does this often in our normal life--puts one of her feet on ours. It's so cute (especially since she has these chubby toddler ankles still.

 Uncle Nathan :)
 Nana & Papa/Love Birds
 Taking the crazy kids out of the cabin for us, thanks Nana & Papa.
 We got some great family pictures this year, yay!  Here's a few of my favorites and a taste of my family in case you don't know them personally :)
We tried to get a good little family shot but once you lose one kid, they just don't recover. Evelyn was a little on the sad side here. 
 What I look like on the weekdays when no one's around to help... child on each hip or one in the ergo and now one that's good enough to walk (fast enough)!  Hip hip hurrah!
 And, again what real life looks like with two toddlers -- improvising when they crawl all over you. We kinda love it.
The girls has a blast with their new dress up costumes from Grandma Karen and wanted to wear them all day, everyday. We haven't had any before and I'm so glad we do now!
 Bonding with Auntie Kim.
Norah just wanted to be a part of everything any adult was doing so... here she is helping Kim with dishes :)
 Yard games.
 Throwing rocks in the lake.
Game night, every night with my family! I love this one where all the men are finishing up a competitive game of Settlers.
One last look... beautiful!


cassie said...

i love your family:)!

Stephen said...

1) Who won the Settlers game?!
2) David has some great shoes showing in the picture of you all on the rock wall (with Norah crawling all over you).
3) In the first silly family picture, Nathan is my favorite.
4) Why is there no family shot of you all trying to do an album cover?

Kimberly said...


Kimberly said...


stef said...

how fun!


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