Sunday, July 15, 2012

happy 2nd BIRTHday ejb.

 Last year on Evelyn's birthday, Norah and I celebrated with a cheese cake and some great friends in Spokane. David was already in Germany while we were waiting for Evelyn to come home!

This year we were blessed to all celebrate Evelyn's birth together, yippy!  We just did family stuff and hung out at home (with some presents) and had dinner and cake with some friends.  I totally forgot my camera so I have no pictures with the party hats and balloons (which both girls loved).
 Evelyn got some new dress up shoes!  Norah was slightly jealous but made sure to put hers on too so she felt a part of things :)
 She also got this great puzzle and knows all her numbers now, thanks Grandma & Grandpa!
 Our two two year old beauties!
Evelyn, we love you soooo much and we are so thankful you are here with us this year to celebrate.  We are so glad you were born and that God brought you into our family a little less than a year ago.  On today, especially, we think of your birth mom who has sacrificed so much for your life and for her, we are grateful.  We pray she will know that you are in good hands and well loved.  Happy birthday big girl.

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stef said...

happy birthday to Evelyn from the Bullards! now we need an Evelyn 2.0 video


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