Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Celebratory Weekend!

The weekend with David was awesome! I loved seeing David actively pursuing his goal of being an officer in the Air Force! It was a full and fun weekend. I landed late on Wednesday night and early Thursday made it to spousal orientation. I was able to meet some other wives going through the same things as me and I loved talking to them. After orientation, a spousal panel for questions and a bus tour around my first Air Force Base I saw my man!!! Look at him above in his blues all ready for the awards ceremony that afternoon.

After the awards ceremony we ate lunch together, the food was gross and I was glad that was my only meal there! I walked David to class and on our way two other airmen saluted him. I was caught off guard since I was busy talking. Once I realized they saluted him it I asked some questions about why and when and who salutes who and then I was like woah my husband is an officer in the Air Force! Go David for all your hard work these past five weeks.

That night David's dad Chuck arrived and the next morning was the graduation ceremony (video below). Chuck and I both enjoyed being shown around by 1st LT Blomgren and learning more about our lives in the Air Force family.

The rest of weekend I pretty much stayed in bed being very sick but when I was awake I enjoyed just talking to David and watching t.v. together. He was tired too so we just relaxed.
Here is David marching for graduation.

The proud father.

We ate at O'Charley's for old times sake!

Love him.

A few funny things other people told me about David...
1. He was called cookie monster a few times due to the many cookies he received in the mail during COT.
2. Some people had a hard time pronouncing Blomgren and started calling him "Dobson" instead and this became his "call name" (nickname) during COT.
3. He supposedly got more mail than anyone! I love that you all are so supportive and I know David appreciates it too.


Stephen Becker said...

1) I'm not saluting you when I see you next.
2) Dobson? As in James Dobson? Sorry man.
3) You look entirely too mature in these pictures. That's why the last one is my favorite.
4) I missed you on the slopes yesterday.
5) Yes, I'm proud of you too. Well done, my friend, well done.

Eryn said...

Way to go, blomgrens! You two look great, and I'm sure it involved sacrifice for both of you! (I know that's how it was for us, when Matt went back to get his masters...hard work for all!)

So, when do you get to live in the same town again?

Loraena said...

You two are so cute! thanks for visiting, reading and commenting on my blog. =) I love "meeting" new people. so cool that you are considering adoption! let me know if you have an questions - I have become an expert over the past two years. =D

Congrats on your husband's air force accomplishments. My best friend's husband just went in as an officer and is in training right now. And my brother-in-law an officer in the marine corp - he just got "winged" last week and is going to fly the osprey (sp?)


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