Friday, February 22, 2008

Send David Mail!

Hi friends, David has been so encouraged by all your letters and packages... don't stop! His new address for letters is:
1st Lt Blomgren
550 E. Maxwell Blvd., P.O. #902
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6024

and for packages:
1st Lt Blomgren
450 N. Lemay Plaza
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6024

1 comment:

Eryn said...

Hi! Yes, we do want more babies. I thing we'll have one more of our own. Nepal forever changed us and really gave us a desire to adopt from overseas. Dawnette actually told me awhile ago that nepal is starting to open up to adoption! So, we'd like to adopt one as well (so a total of 4?) But, not for awile. My two are all I can handle right now! How bout you? Babies in your future?


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