Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Feet!

While David's been roughing it at training, I've been shopping! I have to spend my free time now that David's out of the picture doing something fun!

One of my favorite new things is a pair of shoes. I know, I know girl and their shoes but, seriously these are special. Since I've had a lot of back issues in the past and started to have severe pain last year when I worked at Ryder I decided to used my birthday money and invest in some Dansko's. Shortly after I decided I was not going to be buying anymore shoes that didn't do their job of supporting my arches! Here's a picture of the Danko's that I wear everyday to work!
This year again I used all my birthday money again and bought some new clogs made by Haflinger in Germany. I have only been wearing them two weeks but again, I cannot tell you how much happier my feet are! We notice when our feet are in pain but when they aren't we tend to pass by the blessing of having pain free walking, standing and working feet. Praise God for smart people who know how to make good shoes!
Aren't they cute!?

P.S. I'll be in Alabama in 1 week watching David graduate from Commissioned Officer Training!!!!


Beth said...

yes, your bottom pair of shoes are kind of cute!

Eryn said...

those are cute! I just bought myself a pair of those exact same danskos and I'm in LOVE. I wear them everyday! They are the best. I also have decided my days of Target shoes are officially over. It's worth the $ to have happy feet and back.

Eryn said...

ps, except I really want a pair of cute rain boots...the fun colorful kind. With all of our rain here...I think I deserve some :)

=* said...

I like the new shoes.


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