Friday, February 29, 2008

Quick Update from Kelly

Hi Everyone! David is in Florida for some extra JAG training. He is getting to see a huge base which can offer the new JAG's the experience to see how the military handles criminal investigations. He has been very busy so we haven't been able to talk much but he is seeing some of the new military technology along with other resources that Maxwell does not currently have. Maxwell is a training base for the AF and David will be back there for more training and classes throughout his career. Schriever will not have the resources this base in FL does either since Schriever is a Space Warfare Center and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization base.

I hope when he returns this weekend he'll have some more to share along with some pictures of the "field trip". As always we covet your prayers as we are apart and experiencing so many new things being a military family now! I haven't experienced quite as much as David :c) It's been very exciting so far but we cannot wait to get to Colorado and be together again.

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