Sunday, February 3, 2008


During a field exercise with my flight group.

My roommate and I.

Sorry its taken so long to update everyone. Its been 3 long weeks, but the end is in sight! It has been very challenging, but also very rewarding. I don't have too much time to write now, but hopefully I'll have some more free time next week to update some more and to post some more pictures. But here's a quick rundown of my time so far:
The first week was crazy. I definitely found myself asking, "What the heck did I get myself into?" But that happened to everyone. The first few days were full of getting yelled at and adjusting to this new way of life. It has definitely become more routine. It was a very weird feeling putting on my uniform for the first time. On one hand, it was an honor to have the privilege to wear it. On the other hand, it was a reminder that I have relinquished control of my life to the US Air Force.
My typical day consists of getting up at 0400, marching to PT, PT until 0630, breakfast (you would think it would be enjoyable to sit down and's not), classes all day, some drill practice, dinner, and lots of homework. The lectures (or briefings as they call them in the military) consists mostly of leadership studies and military studies. We often have fun field exercises during the week, such as obtacle courses and land navigation games. Next week we'll do a 2 day deployment exercise. The hardest thing by far is the sleep deprivation. We usually don't go to be until 2300 or 2400, so its hard to stay awake during class.
There are 110 students here, although I spend most of my time with my flight (Charlie Flight -14 of us). All the flights compete with each other for awards and such....we're not that good. I've been surprised that most people here are older. I'm the youngest in Charlie Flight. Its been a challenging yet fun experience so far. Thanks for all the letters and packages....everyone in my flight thanks you as well! I'll update more next weekend.


Blomgren2 said...

David! I LOVE it so much! You are so handsome and we love love love hearing your stories about COT!!! Thanks for the blog Babe.

Collin said...

Way go to Dave! It's great to follow your progress while I'm sitting here and briefing away at the Jenner Law Library. Also nice to have an idea of what I'll be going through this time next year!

Good luck at Maxwell!!

Stephen Becker said...

I wish your uniform just said "Blom." Maybe you can get me one that says "Disko." I bet when you're enjoying 30 or whatever vacation days a year, you'll remember why you got yourself into this. Until then, nice haircut.

Anonymous said...

David!! It is so fun to see pics and hear a little bit about what you have been up to. Hope you're learning lots and that you like it.

noah said...

i just discovered your blog, thanks to ashton, and boy did i pick a good time to start reading. forget about jack bauer, david blomgren is my new hero. i mean, i'm not gonna lie, resisting you before was hard, but now that you're all decked out in your uniform i'm not even going to try.

oh, and kelmo. thanks for my birthday e-mail. it reminded me of when we celebrated our birthdays together in trinidad...booyah!

i love and miss you guys.

Eric said...

David, I will be attending COT in May. Would love to contact you to ask questions about your experiences! All the best, Eric

Eric said...
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