Sunday, March 30, 2008

DC Trip

This upcoming week all the JAG's in training here at Montgomery are going to DC. I don't know many other jobs where they fly all the newbies to headquarters and show them around like distinguished visitors. We'll be going to the Pentagon, the White House, the Supreme Court, a couple of military appeals courts where we'll get sworn in, and eat some fancy dinners at a dining out (a military term for a fancy dinner). We get to meet the TJAG (the top dog), and we're going to the DJAG's house for dinner (the #2 JAG). I'm pretty sure we're also going to Bolling AFB and possibly Andrews AFB. We're staying in a hotel in Georgetown, which will be fun, since I lived there for a summer back in college. I'll post some pictures of the week next weekend.

I've really been enjoying my time here at JASOC. We're done with our first of two moot courts; although, I should have taken Trial Advocacy in law school. Of course, the required PT such as softball, ultimate frisbee, football, and volleyball have been fun (did I mention that I get paid to do those things?). However, I am really looking forward to being with Kelly again and moving to's been too many months (11) of living out of a suitcase.

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