Monday, March 31, 2008

Goodbye Kim, Hello Mom & Dad!

Kim left this morning for IN and my parents returned this afternoon! Here's a few pictures of my time with Kim.Easter Sunday
I took the day off on Thursday for Kim's birthday, made her breakfast in bed and Nathan had some flowers delivered! Sweet boy.
We headed to the Guthrie Theater for a audio tour, it was really interesting.
After a bit of relaxing and a movie, Kim's three best friends from high school surprised her and came for dinner!
(Kim, Alia, Kristin, Amy)
Here are my parents and uncle and aunt about to leave Bali and head home.
They are back and safe and sleeping! Welcome home parents, I love you.


JillY said...

I saw your post on Chris and Kelly's blog. I am praying for wisdom, discernment and clarity in your heart about adoption.

JillY said...

Kelly....we live in CO Springs, right across the freeway from the Air Force Academy! When are you moving and will you be near the AFA????

JillY said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kelly said...

Hi Kelly!! Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog. We will also be praying for wisdom and discernment concerning a future adoption! You and your hubby are just too cute together--you look very, very happy! How cool that you will be moving to Colorado soon--we love it here. We live about an hour north of Colorado Springs. As far as my scrapbook pages go, yes, it is a computer program I use. I don't scrap all my pics, just fun ones for the blog, mostly.
Blessings to you!
Kelly (what a cool name you have!) :o)

Kim said...

Okay love all the pics:) especially because it was a fun and relaxing week. Thanks for your card too that you sent. Love you and loved talking with you tonight. i hope this week is refreshing and fun.


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