Friday, March 21, 2008

My Cousin's Deployment

My cousin Jeremy's description after his first night flying over Iraq…

When there were lulls, I would go to the back and look out over Iraq. What a view. So surreal to see this place you've been hearing all about for so long, so strange how I used to plan these kinds of things when I was in 3rd grade, and here I was doing it. And when the sun started coming up I saw what a beautiful country it was, I was stunned. Nothing like how I imagined it would be, really a gorgeous place. Of course it might not be so serene from ground level, but from 20,000 ft at dawn, wow.

Jeremy is also AF and has been for eight years! He does really top secret important stuff. This week is his first week of deployment in Kuwait. He has been emailing about some of his first experiences while working there and I thought you would enjoy it too. Here's Jeremy's job description for us civilians:

Our aircraft has the ability to disrupt enemy communications through electronic jamming. Basically, we prevent the bad guys from talking to each other (like if we're sending someone in to capture/kill them, they can't be warned by their buddies/body guards). I fly on the EC-130H Compass Call.

Here's a picture of him during one of his "shifts"?

Please pray for my cous and his unit while they are gone.

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