Friday, March 21, 2008

Impacted by LIFE!

Recently I have been really impacted by the sanctity of life.  I know Sanctity of Life Sunday was a while ago but since then or even a little before God has been working on my heart regarding the issue surrounding the sanctity of human life.  I have been so intrigued getting to know the Lord's heart for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I am not a very articulate writer and have a hard time explaining what I mean but wanted to share something more raw and real on here.  I do feel the Lord working so diligently on me in this area though and maybe it's part of my becoming more motherly and it's just built in but seriously, thanks Lord for those desires and deep heart aches for these babes that need a voice.

Here's a letter from Joshua Harris that I just found tonight about Barak Obama that relates to my thoughts on this subject.

And here is a letter from President Bush from Sanctity of Human Life Sunday January 2007.

And this website is very informative and helpful if you would like to learn more about why choosing life is so important.  Thanks Loraena for that link.

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Kelli J. said...

Kelly, I could not agree with you more! This issue rocks me to my core. The thought of someone carelessly dismissing an unborn child with a pill or a quick trip to the doctor's office makes me sick. As for the politics, Josh's letter is right on. I think men and women in office should be held to a higher standard and an issue like this is a total deal-breaker for any candidate I would vote for. Just my two cents!

Love you guys and miss you!


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