Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Items Overview

So last year my friend Abby and recently Erika did a post about baby items and I thought to myself that I would do a similar post to let you in on a few items I like as a new mom!

Ergo Baby Carrier - When Norah was a newborn I tried a few different baby carriers (four) and finally landed on the Ergo. I cannot stress enough how amazing the Ergo is. We use it almost everyday still and I honestly don't know how I would function (just not as well I guess) without it! When we go to the store, when Norah is tired or upset (especially if we are out), if I need to do random things around the house and don't want her getting into stuff or we're going on a hike... we click on the Ergo and we're off! It's awesome. You can wear your baby on your front, side or back. We mostly wear her on the front since it's comfortable and we can see her. There is a hood in place to either hold her head if she's sleeping or block the sun. You can use this carrier for up to 40lbs I believe. It's very comfortable and not too hot, which I found the Moby wrap to be.

Pack'n'Play - Since we had a rather large bedroom we used this instead of a bassinet in our room for a while. It is nice now to bring with us when we travel (by car) or a friend is over and they have a little one that needs to nap! Both Grandma's have purchased one for their homes and it's been such a blessing for Norah to have her own little bed when we visit.

Sally the Sea Horse - We named her when Norah first got her from her Grandma and have called her Sally ever since. When Norah was more of a new born Sally's music would sooth her to sleep (plays for 5 min) and the belly lights up to give a nice ambiance. I remember falling asleep to this music too a few months ago too!

Nursing Tank Tops - as a new mom it was essential to have nursing tank tops! I have no idea how you experienced mom did it without them! I have basically worn nursing tank tops for a year straight because it's so easy to nurse and keep my modesty as well as layer and look stylish!

Thirsties - Of course I wouldn't go without my cloth diapers... I mean Norah's cloth diapers :)

Sophie - This is an adorable squeaky giraffe that is meant for teething babies. Sophie has been Norah's #1 favorite toy basically her whole life! She gets very excited when she sees Sophie and just loved to chew on her head. It's made of all natural rubber and all natural paint that is safe for babies. It's been great!
Sleep Sack - When Norah was younger we used the sleep sack for her and it just felt more safe. It's a blanket/sleeping bag thing that your child wears like overalls. It's safer because they can't pull the blanket over their head or suffocate from it etc. but still keeps them warm! *I got this picture off the internet, it's not Norah*

There were some things we tried that everyone was saying we couldn't live without but in the end we could have lived without. Here are some of the items I think you can skip and be just fine!

bouncer seat and swing - while they are both nice items, Norah didn't care for them. Maybe it was the type of seats we had but she was just as content if not more content being on her play mat on the floor.

Stroller system - While having the full out stroller that goes with our car-seat has been a great asset, if you are trying to live simply skip the big stroller! I would suggest using the Ergo when baby is young for walks and then getting a much less pricey umbrella stroller (found at garage sales and thrift stores alike!). You can even get an umbrella stroller that has a basket on it to help carry all your baby junk.

Boppy - This is a pillow designed to help mom nurse her new baby. I honestly am glad I have had the Boppy but if I could redo I wouldn't get it. It wasn't thick enough to actually help me with nursing so I would always have to add another pillow so it became pointless. I found it nice to help encourage tummy time and when Norah was learning to sit up.


melissa said...

Fun post!
Did I ever tell you we own 2 Ergos and love, love, love, love them?! In fact, we will be wearing the girls to the zoo tomorrow.
Plus, I have tried wearing both girls at the same time and it totally worked for a short time!
Definitely a good recommendation.

Jason, Erika, and Maren Gehrke said...

Maren has Sally the seahorse too! And we may just have to invest in an Ergo (even though I love my sleepy wrap). And I would add Thirsties to my list too :)

Mary said...

I look forward to referencing your post whenever I become a mommy! Thanks for sharing girl!

stef said...

Thanks for the info, it's all so interesting to me!


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