Monday, September 27, 2010

Destination FL

Last week we returned from a great time in Florida! We went to Orlando to celebrate David's cousin's wedding. Emily and Ian threw a great destination wedding and I think everyone who came had a great time relaxing and catching up. Here are a few pictures from our adventures in FL!
We went to FL a few days early to enjoy the area. One day we drove to Cocoa Beach and saw David's parents & Keith and Kristin. We boogie boarded in the ocean and had a really great seafood dinner! Norah had her first experience in the ocean, but she didn't like it!
Yes, this is the same type of whale that recently killed a trainer. Sad, but a truly amazing creature.
The following day the three of us went to Sea World. I cried a few times while we were there remembering The Cove, a documentary we recently watched (if you have two minutes watch this You Tube clip). It was fun but very hot!
A quick bath via the sink :)
Bachelorette party fun with my sistas!
Boys chillin at the pool!
Chuck, Keith, David, Eric & Ken
The whole Kolnes Klan!
David was an usher and had the honor of walking his aunt Kris down the aisle!
The beautiful Bride and her father.
It's always so special to watch the bride make her way to her groom at the front :)
Missing Steve! He couldn't make it due to work complications :(

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