Monday, September 6, 2010

Church Search

We've been in Spokane now for 5 Sunday services at 5 different churches. We are so ready and excited to find our church home but each time we've been to a new church we get tired all over again. It's like this thrill that maybe today we'll find it... and then we feel exhausted once we are there, trying to give each church as much energy and attention that we gave last week's church. We are so eager to find out place here in Spokane and knew it would take a while... but we're just really ready!! We haven't visited any bad churches, we are just trying to visit a few more to get a good feel of our options. We are hoping to find a church that is dynamic and different but has some of the traditions we are used to from our past. We are praying for great preaching coupled with a diverse congregation and options for deeper Bible studies. Cheers to God leading us and giving us peace of mind as to where we need to land! Thanks for your prayers.

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